Chinese Rope Art


Advanced forms - example 2 - pulling the arms in toward the center.

This series demonstrates a method of pulling the arms in toward the center vertical stem using double stranded rope.  The same tie could be done using single stranded rope.  The method shown for tying the wrists is irrelevant to the pulling in of the arms. Any wrist tie method could be substituted. 

image 1
Fold a length of rope in half then find the middle of this now double stranded rope.  Place the of the rope at the back of the neck with the running ends going over the front of each shoulder.
image 2
Start by wrapping the rope in a spiral around one arm, running the rope between the body and arm from the front, around the back of the arm and around to the front again. 
image 3
Finished wraps on one arm.  This example has 3 wraps on the upper arm above the elbow and 3 wraps on the lower arm.

The number of spirals is a matter of choice.  Most often you will see 3 spirals on the upper arm (above the elbow) and 2 below the elbow.

image 4
Finish wrapping both arms.  You will end up with both running ends going around the inside of each wrist and pointed toward the ground.  One will be between the two wrists, the other on the outside of both. 
image 5
With the ropes hanging straight down (image 4), grab both double strands and wrap them toward the body and then up between the body and wrists. 
image 6
Wrap the rope around the front of the outside wrist, under both wrists, and then up between the wrists and body a second time.  Then pull the rope up between the wrists and up to the neck rope. 

Note:  The second full wrapping of the wrist is optional.

image 7
After passing behind the neck rope, bring the rope back down between the wrists. 
image 8
A bottom view of the rope passing between the wrists.
image 9
 Wrap the rope in a circle between the wrists.
image 10
Then start wrapping the vertical stem.
image 11
After one or two wraps, run the ropes from the back side of the vertical stem over to the right arm and wrap around the arm starting on the inside of the arm.
image 12
 Bring the ropes back to the center stem.
image 13
Wrap the ropes around the center stem from back to front.
image 14
Run the ropes over to the other arm and pass them around the arm from front to back.  Pull the ropes back to the vertical stem passing behind the ropes.
image 15
Continue wrapping up the vertical stem toward the neck rope.

A slight variation on this tie without the in between wrappings of the vertical stem is shown here.

image 16
Pass one of the double strands of rope through the loop to reverse its direction.
image 17
 Tie the ends off in a square knot.
image 18
View from the front.
image 19
Finished back view with the knot cleaned up and the ends tucked.


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