Chinese Rope Art


Advanced forms - example 4 - incorporating multiple arm spirals.
image 1

Tie the double stranded basic form up to the point of running the vertical stem ropes up and behind the neck rope.  For this particular variation, you want 3 arm spirals on the upper arms.  Important: You want the wrists tied off with a knot as shown in double stranded rope - basic form - example 2 tutorial or in the alternate wrist tie method from example 1. 

Run the two double stranded ropes from the wrist knot up to and behind the neck rope. 

image 2
Cross the strands back under the vertical stem after you pull them over the top of the neck rope.  While this crossing is not strictly necessary, it does help in preventing the ropes from sliding along the neck loop.  For another way of doing this, see advanced forms - example 3.
image 3
Bring each double strand down and pass it around the inside of the upper arm spiral on opposite sides.  Continue running each double strand to the arm spiral just above the elbow on the opposite arm, passing behind the center vertical stem (bypassing the center arm spiral).
image 4
After passing through the elbow spiral on each arm, run the double strands back up to the opposite center arm spiral, again passing behind the center vertical stem.

Note: For clarity of this tutorial, this photo shows the two running ends being held over the outside of the vertical stem.  For the actual tie, they are passed under the stem, as shown in the next step.


image 5
After passing through the center arm spiral of each arm, run the double strands under the center vertical stem and pass the ends under each arm pit.

Note: If you are running short on rope at this point, you could simply tie off at the top of the vertical stem at the neck rope.

image 6
Side view of the rope passing under the arm and up behind the neck.
image 7
Tie the two ends off with a square knot at the back of the neck.
image 8
Finished tie.
image 9
Close up of the crossing pattern.


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