Chinese Rope Art


Advanced forms - example 3 - incorporating multiple arm spirals.
image 1

Do the double strand basic form tie up to the point of running the vertical stem ropes up and behind the neck rope.  Important: You want the wrists tied off with a knot as shown in double stranded rope - basic form - example 2 tutorial or in the alternate wrist tie method from example 1.  Also, make sure you leave a bit more slack than usual at the nape of the neck as you will have many strands passing through it.

Run the two double strand ropes from the wrist knot up to and behind the neck rope.  Cross the strands when you pull them over the top and back down.  While this crossing is not necessary, it does help in preventing the ropes from sliding along the neck loop. For another way of doing this, see advanced forms - example 4.



image 2
Run each strand down to one of the spiral loops on opposite arms.  Pass them under the spiral and pull them back up.  
image 3
Run each double strand up to and under the neck rope and back down and around another spiral arm rope on the upper part of the arm.
image 4
Again pass both double strands under the neck rope and pull out to the front.

Note:  If you are short on rope, or want a more uniform look to the four sets of 'hanging' ropes, you could tie off the ends with a knot at the top.

image 5
Pull each double strand back down to the wrists and cross under them.  In this series, we passed the strands under the 'hanging' ropes going to the first spiral to create a nicer visual and lock the upper ropes in place. 
image 6
After passing under the wrists in opposite directions, start wrapping back up the vertical stem. 
image 7
 Finish off with a knot (or hitch) at the top.
image 8
 The finished tie - back view.
image 9
 Front view.
image 10
 A simple hogtie using the five flowers tie for the arms.
image 11
Close up view.  The base of the vertical stem provides a good connection point for the rope coming from the feet.


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