Chinese Rope Art


Alternative method of tying wrists with double stranded rope - knotted cinching wrists

This method will create a knotted cinch of the wrist ropes that is less bulky than the other cinch methods and is preferred for the more elaborate ties that will involve connecting the arm spirals.

image 9a
Follow the double stranded rope - basic form tutorial up through image 9.

The 4 strands of rope will be running up from between the body and back wrist.

image 9b
 Continue wrapping the 4 strands around the front wrist and down.
image 9c
Split the 4 strands into the original two double strands and bring one up on either side of the rope you wrapped around the wrists in image 9b. 
image 9d
Tie a square knot between the wrists.
image 9e
Pull both double strands up to and behind the neck rope and then back down towards the wrists.
image 9f
Pass all 4 strands around the front of the wrists, under the wrists, and up between the body and back wrist.  Do not cinch the wrists by running between them.  Start wrapping the 4 strands around the vertical stem toward the neck rope.
image 9g
A close up view of the rope around the wrists.  Note that wrapping the stem covers the bulkiness of the square knot, but the added security of a knotted cinch has been achieved.

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