Chinese Rope Art


Alternative method of tying wrists with double stranded rope - cinching wrists after creating the vertical stem.

This method will create a wrist cinch after creating the vertical stem.  While this cinch will make the tie more secure, it is probably unnecessary for all but the most flexible and talented escape artists! :-)  It may also make the tie less comfortable by adding to the bulk of rope between the wrists.  As with most things related to using double stranded ropes, smaller diameter ropes (e.g., 4 mm) work better.

image 12a
Follow the double stranded rope - basic form tutorial up through image 12.

After running the 4 strands of rope down from the neck rope, you will have wrapped the 4 strands around the front of the wrists and then up between the wrists.  You will now cinch the wrists before wrapping the vertical stem.

image 12b
Cinch the wrists by running the 4 strands around and up between the wrists, staying between the two vertical stem ropes.  Try to keep all 4 strands relatively flat and even to minimize bulk between the wrists.
image 3
After cinching the wrists, wrap the stem rope up towards the neck.
image 4
A close up view showing the cinching and then the wrapping of the stem ropes.

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