Chinese Rope Art

The five flowers tie with double stranded rope - basic form examples.


The following examples demonstrate how to construct the basic form of the five flowers tie using double stranded rope.  Doubled stranded rope is more visually appealing than single stranded ties, but the doubled rope can be more difficult to work with and can become quite bulky in places (especially between the wrists).  For this reason, narrow diameter rope (4mm or 3/16") often works better.  The major difference between these two examples is the method used for tying the wrists.  Example 1 also contains several links to even more ways of tying the wrists.  Much information is repeated in both examples so that either could stand alone. 

The length of rope required will vary based on the size of your subject, the number of spiral wraps, and cinching options, but in general, a 50 ft/15m rope for a double stranded tie should be sufficient.

example 1

example 2

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