Chinese Rope Art

The five flowers tie advanced forms.


The following examples demonstrate how to build on the basic forms to further increase both the visual appeal and functionality of the five flowers tie.  

One limitation of the basic forms in terms of effectiveness is the lack of anything preventing the arms from being pulled away from each other.  Pulling the arms together with a horizontal connecting rope greatly limits the mobility of the arms.  Examples 1 & 2 demonstrate two methods of accomplishing this. 

Other options for limiting mobility include pulling the wrists higher up into the center of the back in an X pattern, and the use of neck ropes. Pulling the wrists higher can make this tie extremely effective but also very painful for your subject unless he or she is especially flexible. Many of the "prisoner" examples that are seen use this technique for its harshness. Ropes that cross the front of the neck obviously need to be used with extreme caution for all the usual reasons, but they can provide an extra measure of security for the particularly escape-minded subject. Neck ropes and X-crossed wrists are not shown in the examples here at this time, but we may add them as time permits.

Another possible criticism of the basic forms is its overall lack of visual "excitement."  The use of arching or connecting ropes between the arm spirals changes this.  The creative possibilities are endless.  Examples 3 & 4 demonstrate two creative embellishments to the basic form that greatly add to its visual appeal, at least when viewed from behind.  Future examples will detail other creative extensions that influence the appearance of the tie from the front.  In the meantime, the creative ideas section demonstrates numerous finished ties that go well beyond the basic form. 

example 1

example 2

example 3

example 4

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